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Testing of Exhaust Components

Raw exhaust tests should be conducted to accurately measure the effectiveness of exhaust treatments. The testing of components is often performed on site (including underground areas) and in the workshop.

Complete Envirotest can provide full fleet or one off testing of equipment at company premises, onsite or anywhere in WA.

Utilising routinely calibrated equipment, Complete Envirotest’s exhaust testing services provided include:

Electronic Exhaust Diesel Particulate Analysis

As elemental carbon constitutes a significant fraction of DPM, it is considered the best indicator or marker for personal DPM measurements within vehicle exhaust emission testing.

A trans-stall test is also recommended. This requires the engine to be under load in low gear with a hot engine and hydraulics, and the engine revving at about 70 to 80 per cent capacity for about 30 seconds. High or low idle tests are not adequate.    
(Ref Management of Diesel Emissions is Western Australia Mining Operations) 

Complete Envirotest most commonly follow testing procedures from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries MDG29 April 2008 document, unless otherwise dictated by the client.

Testing equipment used includes:

- Kenelec AVT530 recording direct exhaust stream measurements in mg/m³ and accurate down to 1.0ug/m³ size particles.

These units have a rechargeable battery inbuilt providing easy access to vehicles in narrow headings underground providing access to vehicles in any area of an underground mine.

- TSI NPET 3795 recording direct exhaust stream measurements in particles/cm³, accurate down to 1.0 µm size particles.  This unit requires constant AC power when in use, and as such we have put together an underground ready vehicle with ability to transport and power the unit in surface and underground environments.

Exhaust Gas Emission Testing

Exhaust Gas Emission testing using the latest Dräger technology, that complies with the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995.

Exhaust Gas Emissions testing comprises testing for the elements:

To comply with DMIRS regulations, all Underground Diesel machinery is required to have be tested at intervals no later than;

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